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Posto continues to be grateful for the patronage of our customers – both new and regular! Having opened our doors in December 2008, we’re thrilled at the reviews that we’ve received. From traditional newspapers to bloggers, many recognize Posto as a casual and sophisticated spot on the ever-popular 14th street.

Posto welcomes your feedback and suggestions at any time!

Read what others are saying about us:

  • D.C.’s 44 Most Powerful Restaurants

    Washington City Paper
    by Chris Shott
    June 10, 2011

    “A restaurant can be powerful because it draws raves, or draws developers, or just draws a line of TV-addled tourists. A list of D.C.’s 44 heaviest hitters.

    ‘Food is the most powerful thing we have in our hands,’ José Andrés said. ‘Not only chefs, but everyone in the food community. The right use of food can end hunger.’”

    Read the whole article here (spoiler alert- Posto is #22!): http://www.washingtoncitypaper.com/articles/40981/dc-44-most-powerful-restaurants/full/

  • Brunch, distilled: sampling the digestivos at Posto

    Gal Time – Washington, DC
    by Jean Schindler
    June 21, 2011

    “One day, a good mimosa died and went to heaven, where everything good about him – the bubbly cheerfulness, the crisp citrus, the redolence of relaxed Sunday mornings, the feel of warm sunshine on your skin – was purified and concentrated into a single small glass. Somehow, the bar at Ristorante Posto manages to tap into heaven and bring back this distilled soul of the good mimosa for the enjoyment of us mere mortals.”

    Read the whole article here: http://galtime.com/article/food/44172/14562/brunch-distilled-sampling-digestivos-posto.

  • HOT HOOD: Shaw/ Logan Circle – The District of Obama

    (The Hot List – issue 1080)
    by Luke O’Brien
    June 11, 2009. pg. 84

    “The WHITE HOUSE has always kept black Washington at a safe distance… But under Obama, the nexus of nightlife has shifted to Shaw, a diverse neighborhood along the U Street corridor known as ‘the black Broadway.’ Duke Ellington and Marvin Gaye grew up here, and young Obama-ites are gravitating to… POSTO- Rahm Emanuel, David Axelrod and Eric Holder all sighted at this Italian spot known for thin-crust pizza.”

    Read the whole article here: http://www.rollingstone.com/issue1080

  • Members of Congress hit these restaurants and bars to relax

    by Anne Schroeder Mullins
    Monday, June 8, 2009

    “When Congress is in session, members are in Washington Mondays through Thursdays — Fridays on a bad week — and they need a place to be when they’re not actually working. For a lot of members on a lot of nights, that place is a bar or a restaurant within walking distance of the Capitol. Democrats have their spots, and Republicans have theirs. Only occasionally do the two groups converge. Here are the top five in each category.
    The Democrats –
    POSTO: It’s new and not even on Capitol Hill, but this young restaurant in the trendy Logan Circle area has already seen Emanuel and his good pals Rep. Rosa DeLauro (D-Conn.) and her husband, pollster Stanley Greenberg, a couple of times.

    Read the whole article here: http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0609/23462.html

  • Kitchens fit for a new Cabinet

    (Obama’s First 100 Days Glossy Edition)

    by Marian Burros
    Friday, April 24, 2009

    “Washington restaurateurs once rubbed their hands in anticipation of multiple visits from Barack Obama, who reportedly spent many date nights with his wife, Michelle, at Chicago’s better eateries. But after 100 days of waiting, the restaurateurs have turned their attention to more junior members of the new administration, as well as to the highly visible new first lady and a guy known simply as Rahm…

    While the Obamas are eating at home, members of the new administration — from young staffers to the Cabinet secretaries — are doing their share to keep the city’s economy going. Among them, chief of staff Rahm Emanuel is champion. He has eaten out so often — his wife and family are still in Chicago — that restaurateurs now refer to him by his first name.

    “Rahm comes in,” said a manager at Posto, the administration’s hangout of the moment. The sprawling restaurant and bar that accepts no reservations and has no tablecloths is located on up-and-coming 14th Street Northwest, between Logan Circle and the U Street Corridor.

    A less-expensive sister to Tosca, it has thin-crust pizzas with lots of delicious toppings, beautifully roasted chicken, a well-crafted assortment of pastas and many wines by the glass or the half-bottle. Its appeal has made fans of White House aides David Axelrod, Jim Messina, Matt Teper, Mona Sutphen and David Medina, as well as Attorney General Eric Holder and Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano…”

    Read the whole article: http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0409/21534.html

  • Italian at trim prices at Posto

    The Washington Times
    By Corinna Lothar
    Wednesday, April 8, 2009

    “Little miracles continue to appear on the reinvented 14th Street Northwest corridor bridging Dupont and Logan circles. Posto has been offering the neighborhood first-rate Italian food at moderate prices since December.

    No reservations, but there’s no stinting on the food or the service, and no mystery because Posto is the little sister of the elegant Tosca downtown. The menu at Posto was designed by Tosca’s executive chef, Massimo Fabbri, and is carried out with eclat by chef de cuisine Matteo Venini.

    What comes to the table at Posto is beautifully prepared and presented, from excellent pizzas with delicious chewy crusts to a delectable rhubarb-and-celery cobbler. Almost everything in between gets high marks…”

    Read the whole article here: http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2009/apr/08/little-miracles-continue-to-appear-on-the-reinvent/

  • Posto: A dining room fit for models

    By Elana Schor
    February 25, 2009

    “Welcome to the new Italian Renaissance, where fresh fish replaces frescoes and vino supplants da Vinci. The capital has become a hotbed of chic yet affordable pizza-and-pasta spots, from Locanda to Mio to Posto, a new Logan Circle offering from the owners of downtown favorite Tosca.

    Posto is housed in a former auto showroom, with high ceilings and simple, cool lighting that draw the eye to several illuminated images of winding Florentine streets mounted on the walls. The dining room is curiously reminiscent of a cafeteria for supermodels – if catwalkers had a taste for tagliatelle, that is.

    New arrivals are steered to the hostess station at the front of the restaurant, where one might expect aloof service to match Posto’s high-minded design. But the staff is unfailingly affable, making diners feel at ease even during half-hour waits in a crowded entryway. Since it first opened in the foodie-rich heart of 14th Street NW, Posto has suffered from that most welcome restaurant curse: instant popularity.

    And it’s no wonder that the crowds are flocking to Massimo Fabbri’s menu, which blends accessible Italian comfort food such as creamy polenta and spinach tortellini with side dishes so simple they seem revolutionary in this era of trendy eats…”

  • We Love Food: Posto

    By Jenn Larsen
    February 24, 2009

    “ ‘A modern Italian place to meet’ is Posto’s motto, and indeed its Logan Circle neighborhood has been eagerly waiting to meet it. The newest venture from executive chef Massimo Fabbri, of downtown’s lauded Tosca, it replaces Viridian next to Studio Theatre and has already escalated in popularity, evident by the full dining room on a freezing Monday night…”

  • The Casual Sophisticate: At Posto, the complex pastas trump the simpler pizzas

    The Washington Post
    By Tom Sietsema
    Sunday, February 15, 2009

    “Restaurateur Paolo Sacco envisioned Posto as a casual Italian hangout, and he installed a pizza oven to drill the point home. So why is it that this recent addition to Logan Circle frequently brings to mind Sacco’s coolly formal Tosca downtown?

    A good wine program prompts the comparison. There are plenty of interesting labels from which to choose, some from lesser-known wine regions such as Campagna and Puglia in Italy and Navarra and Terra Alta in Spain. Sacco tapped Kathy Morgan, his onetime sommelier at Tosca, to compose the list, which includes more than a dozen wines by the four- or six-ounce glass (the larger pours are better values)…”

  • Posto Perfect in Logan Circle: Serving up traditional Italian food with a modern twist

    MetroMix DC
    By Laura Carlson
    February 4, 2009

    “Logan Circle has been heating things up lately with new eateries; most recently Posto, an Italian bistro joined the neighborhood. The dynamic team behind Tosca opened this newest venture, located next to The Studio Theatre on 14th St. Floor to ceiling windows, high ceilings, stark furnishing and bright artwork gives a stylish nod to the open space, which once housed the restaurant Viridian. Diners can choose from the 100-seat dining room or lounge at the bar or communal table which divides the two…”

  • Plenty of Options for Washington’s Hungry Visitors

    The New York Times
    By Adam Nagourney
    January 16, 2009

    “There are many reasons to make a special trip to the nation’s capital, even apart from the inauguration of Barack Obama: acres of museums, fine Federal architecture, grand sweeping parks and gardens, charming neighborhoods, neat music clubs and, of course, the chance to watch your government at work (or perhaps not). But, truth be told, restaurants are not exactly on top of the why-to-visit list.

    Yes, there are plenty of very good places to eat in Washington, thanks in no small part to a recent surge in casual spots turning out inventive food for lively crowds at reasonable prices… Here is a list of some of the places worth a try when you are in town…

    POSTO: This brash Italian brasserie in the Logan Circle neighborhood has been packed most every night since it opened late last year, testimony to low prices, high-quality food and its crackling energy. Start with a pizza Margherita baked in the wood-burning stove that anchors the dining room. The kitchen presses pork into service to produce a stand-out riff on what otherwise would be vitello tonnato (translucent slices of veal coated with a creamy tuna-and-capers sauce). The tagliatelli with pheasant ragout, rich and pungent, or grilled salmon with black-eyed peas can round out your night. The high-ceiling room — this was once an automobile part store — is loud, and the tables are spaced just close enough together to allow table-hopping as the night goes on, just in case you forgot you were in Washington. No reservations, but the bar is big and inviting.”

  • Posto Opens

    December 9, 2008

    “I’m somewhat irrationally excited that Posto opened over the weekend in the old Viridian space. You see, a lazy Logan resident cannot live on Cork, Bar Pilar and Great Wall Szechuan alone. Well, you can, very deliciously, but I’m excited to add a fourth spot into my regular neighborhood rotation.

    Like its older sibling, downtown’s Tosca, Posto also serves Italian fare, but both the menu and interior are much more casual.

    I had a quick bite at the bar a few nights ago, and though I’m loathe to judge a restaurant in its infancy, the place shows real promise. A dish of creamy polenta topped with tomato sauce and sausage was a standout, and I’ll be back soon to try the wood-fired pizza. Also on the menu: charcuterie and cheese, a selection of pastas, and a handful of meat entrees, including boar chops, which are also calling my name.

    Posto offers about 24 wines by the glass, poured from an Enomatic wine system behind the bar, plus sparkling choices. The spacious room has been warmed up from the modern Viridian with a coat of cappuccino-colored paint, a long communal table by the bar and a large pizza oven.”